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6 Tips for a Beach Wedding in Miami

By Dlightevents -

Beach Wedding Canopy

Miami is the perfect destination for a romantic beach wedding and a great privilege for the residents! It is also a wonderful place if you are planning a destination wedding. Local or a destination wedding - what should you know before getting any further? Check out my tips for a beautiful beach wedding and of course, some inspirational photos to please the eye ;). 

  1. Weather

Locals already know Florida weather can be surprising and when we say this, we really mean it. It can be sunny and beautiful when you wake up in the morning and the next moment it is pouring rain, which can last as little as 10 minutes!

So when the weather is as its best in Miami? Miami offers the best days between January to April. Usually, the rainy season starts around May but this year we had a couple of cool days all the way to the end of May, which was very good luck. May-June-July is the rainy season and extremely hot and humid, so having a wedding outside during the summer months might get uncomfortable, even in the early morning or during sunset. Then again, August and September are usually the months when we are nervously following the hurricane news. This time of the year it is quite risky to organize outdoor weddings in Miami. After October just before Christmas, the weather is a lot nicer for an outside wedding. Christmas is perfect weather but it can be quite pricey to organize a wedding then.

From December to April, Miami has the most tourists, so if you are not into tourists, we would recommend picking up your wedding date in October, November, or December (before Christmas). Usually, October and November are quieter months from tourists and in December it is picking up again for the Christmas season.

Always have a backup plan in your pocket in case Miami weather is not cooperating with you!

2. Marriage license

Remember to make sure you register for the marriage license in Miami Beach. It is required even though you are not a resident in Miami.

More information in Clerk of Courts of Miami-Dade County website.

3. Timing is everything

Miami is always hot, you don't want to make your guests and yourself to go through a sweaty wedding. I recommend early morning or sunset for outdoor weddings. You could try to do afternoon or midday during the colder months (November - April).

4. Privacy and location

When you are choosing your location, I'd recommend avoiding touristic and popular areas unless you want to have a few extra pairs of eyes for the wedding.

Finding the perfect spot can be work itself. South Beach usually is more crowded than North Beach. If you are looking for privacy, consider beautiful Key Biscayne just 20 min drive from the Miami Beach or smaller cities next Miami like Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton.

5. Permits

There is a permit that you have to apply in Miami Beach. Make sure you do this first and secure your desired wedding date! The cost is less than $150.

You can look into the permit directly with Miami Beach City website, find more information here: Miami Beach Ceremony and Team Building License

6. Transportation and parking

Take into consideration the fact that there is limited parking by the beach, especially South Beach can be difficult when it comes to finding a parking spot. The easiest and safest way is to organize either transportation for your guests (check with transportation companies where they are allowed to drop people off) or guide your guests to use a taxi, Uber or Lyft.

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