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Kate Gasby regularly provides travelers with news and useful information to help make their trips and events as enjoyable as possible. These articles are very helpful for our travelers, regardless of their destination. Some of the recent pieces include Best European Cities to Visit in Winter and How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination. Check out our full collection of resources and travel better today!

8 Best Places for a Destination Wedding

1. Florida Keys, USA

A tropical island setting within the United States! Surrounded by the clear-blue waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, there's no shortage of white-sand beaches. 


Best Places? Islamorada or Key West (One of the southernmost points in the US).


Best time to go? The month of May! Avoid the high season between December and April followed by hurricane season from June to November.

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How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination

Discover the perfect Honeymoon destination for you and your partner. Answering these 16 questions about what you love, your budget, and many more. 

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6 Tips for a Beach Wedding in Miami

10 Best Restaurants in Miami

with outdoor seatings

Preparing Your Tribe for Your Bachelorette

If you are planning on a destination bachelorette party, there are  few things to keep in mind if you want to avoid the drama! With many years of experience, we believe we have the 5 rules to get your bachelorette started on a good note. 

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If you are planning on visiting Miami or if you are lucky enough to live in this wonderful city do not miss to have dinner in one of this 10 best restaurants with a great atmosphere, sometimes with a view and with safe outdoor seatings. 

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Miami is the perfect destination for a romantic beach wedding and a great privilege for the residents! It is also a wonderful place if you are planning a destination wedding. Local or a destination wedding - what should you know before getting any further? Check out my tips for a beautiful beach wedding.

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