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8 Best Places for a Destination Wedding

Check out our list of the hottest places in the world to get hitched.




















1. Florida Keys, USA

A tropical island setting within the United States! Surrounded by the clear-blue waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, there's no shortage of white-sand beaches. 

  • Best Places? Islamorada or Key West (One of the southernmost points in the US).

  • Best time to go? The month of May! Avoid the high season between December and April followed by hurricane season from June to November.

2. Bahamas

Find whatever you are looking for just off the coast of Florida! Your wedding destination can be filled with activities from snorkeling to sailing, or shopping and spas...Plus, with 700 islands to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect setting for your wedding.

  • Things to do? Check out the popular spot Pig Beach, where you can swim in the ocean with local pigs.

3. Cozumel, Mexico 

With such a wide range of luxe all-inclusives resorts, this has become a great wedding destination. Framed by one of the largest coral reef systems in the world, nature-lovers can enjoy the lagoon and wildlife-filled nature reserves. 

  • Places to go? Check out the shops and restaurants in downtown San Miguel.

  • Best time to go? Avoid spring-break crowds in March and April and the rainy season from May through mid-October. 


4. Antigua, Carribeans

Looking for a high-end all-inclusive resort? Choose from one of the many resorts with panoramic terraces and breathtaking views of the beach where you and your guest will enjoy oceanfront dining and a variety of exciting activities. 

  • Best time to go? After the high season which ends in April (and rates drastically go down) and before August when some places close. 


5. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix)

No passports necessary!! Need I say more? Offer your guests this incredible island setting without the hassles of “leaving the country”. Full of white-sand beaches, you’ll find an array of watersport activities to enjoy.

  • Things to do? Visit Magens Bay on St. Thomas; a heart shaped beach with beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters.


6. Israel

Brings a special energy to your big day! The Holy Land offers beautiful weather 8 months out of the year and a large number of wedding venues to choose from. Want the Medditeranean Sea as your wedding background? Country-style wedding? Marrocan-style? You’ll find what you are looking for here!


  • The benefits? The party is only getting started at 11PM and doesn’t stop until you decide it’s over! And we should mention the food! Have a shakshuka for breakfast, falafel and hummus for lunch and enjoy some watermelon and feta on the beach!


  • Best time to go? Avoid August when the humidity is high. 


7. Greece

We had to add Greece on the list as an attractive destination for any destination wedding! Also on the Mediterranean, the coastal cities surrounded by turquoise waters create some of the world's most picturesque islands. Plus the nightlife in Mykonos is sure to keep your guests entertained.


  • Things to do? Island hopping in Greece. With over 200 islands, the possibilities are endless.


  • Best time to go? Late April to Early November with July and August being the hottest months. High season in the Greek Islands runs from late June until early September with August as the busiest and most expensive month.


8. St Barthelemy

Only 3 hours from the United States, this island is a volcanic gem of only 10 square miles. Enjoy the french cuisine and hotels "à la française" but also the perfect climate during winter, caribbean sunsets, warm nights and beautiful beaches with white sand. Whether couples want an intimate gathering or a bridal magazine-worthy affair, there are loads of options. They can decide to say "yes" - barefoot on the beach - of an elegant hotel or a gorgeous villa overlooking the Caribbean sea.


  • Things to do? A lunch on a private island with your guests


  • Best time to go? November through June is the best time to visit St. Bart's. But keep in mind that December is considered peak season and requires bookings six months in advance.

Image by Hayden Dunsel
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