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Caribbean Saint Barthelemy

A French Diamond in the Caribbean

Ever wanted to discover French culture? But you're looking to chill on the beach with a cocktail rather than explore a city?


Saint Barthelemy is the place for you. Only 3 hours from the United States, this island is a volcanic gem of only 10 square miles. 


The best period to visit the island is from October through April, people come on the island to spend winter under the sun. The island is a choice destination for celebrating the New Year, when the population grows to 17,000 compared with the usual 9,500 the rest of the year.


Enjoy the french cuisine and hotels "à la française" but also the perfect climate during winter.


We will create an unforgettable trip for you which will be full of wonder. Looking to discover the best French restaurants, or maybe have a private chef in your villa? A boat trip around Sin Marteen and Anguilla?  Or a lunch on a private island? We'll plan a trip focused on the destination and areas you would like to explore while making recommendations on activities, and ensuring that your travel is stress free and seamless.


We'll book your flights, handle your private transfers or rental car at the airport and luxurious accommodations in some of the best luxury properties on the island, or in one of the amazing hotels on the beach.

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